Membership Options:

  • Unlimited – $195/month for first 3 months
    $185/month for next 9 months
    $175/month after one year
  • 9x/month – $155/month
  • Class Drop-In – $20

What’s the difference between the CrossFit WOD and Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a mix of strength work, cardio sets and 6th grade gym class. Ropes and ladders, balls and rings…and running around the block. This class is fun and tough, but without the Olympic weight lifting typical of CrossFit classes. All fitness levels welcome. You may attend Boot Camp classes without going through the Foundations Course required for CrossFit classes.


*Open Gym: Fridays 6-7:30pm. You may come anytime after that, but you must be finished with your workout by 7:30. Don’t walk in at 7:15 planning to train for an hour.

There will be coaches present, but no structured workout or lift. You may lift and WOD as you wish. For example, you might do a make up lift from the week, the workout from that morning or make up your own WOD. It’s also a good time to work on your goat (a skill at which you suck). If we are in a good mood, we’ll tell you what’s coming up on Saturday so you don’t do the same thing. Coaches will be there to assist, answer questions, watch your technique, etc, but the coach is not leading the group in anything.

Open Gym still means access is limited to members and drop-ins who have completed CrossFit Foundations…it does not mean the gym is open to the public or your dork friends.