Personal Training

Please note Morgan is currently very pregnant/on maternity leave and is not currently taking on new clients. She will return in early 2018.

SWA_9490Interested in a more personalized approach to your fitness?  Have some time during the work day?

Second Wind Training is opening it’s doors for personal training with CrossFit Level 1 and NASM-certified trainer, Morgan Pleasant.

1-hour time slots are available Mon-Fri from 8am-9am and 11:30am-3:30pm.

Sessions are tailored to your fitness level and personal fitness goals.

To contact Morgan, please use the form below.

  • "Every person interested in fitness training with a pro should be so lucky to have a trainer like Morgan. I know that Morgan took her training to become a coach extremely seriously. She takes her own fitness extremely seriously. She takes your fitness extremely seriously. Because Morgan is so dedicated, and so smart, she learned and implements best practices, and updates her coaching as needed. She works with my own strengths - and weaknesses, especially - and crafts the workouts to make the most of every minute spent working out with her. But best of all - Morgan makes the pain you feel during a training session FUN! It's like a playdate, so you enjoy pushing beyond your limits. Your body will thank you."
    ~ Maggie P.
  • "I have loved working with Morgan! She is fun and encouraging. Her workouts have helped me build both my skills and endurance. She thoroughly prepares my workouts for each session, including homework between our sessions."
    ~ Caroline H.
  • "Morgan is fun and enthusiastic, supportive but relentless; she'll push you toward your goals but in the sweetest way. She's smart, knowledgeable, and careful - and is always pushing herself to learn more. If I don't pick up on a new move, she'll go home and research how to teach it better; if I complain about an ache or pain, she''ll modify the work-out in a heartbeat. I don't just enjoy training with her (which I do, very much): I trust her to keep me safe while making me strong!"
    ~ Jen Kaplan
Personal Training
  • Membership Not Required
  • One-on-One Training with a Coach
  • No Minimum
Buddy Session
$125/ hour
  • 2 People
  • Split the cost
Small Group
$150/ hour
  • 3 People
  • each extra person – $20

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