Getting Started

Weightlifting movements are taught with pvc pipes.

Weightlifting movements are learned with pvc pipes.

So you’ve heard about CrossFit and you’re interested in giving it a try. (Or maybe you haven’t: What is CrossFit?) But it seems a little scary. Have no fear, that’s what our Foundations Course is for. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. We will explain everything you need to know, answer any questions you may have, and break everything up into bite size, tasty morsels. It will literally be the most fun you have ever had.*

Because we want to be sure you are safe and successful in CrossFit, the Foundations Course is mandatory before purchasing membership and attending one of the regular CrossFit classes. This course introduces you to the basics of CrossFit skills and the nine foundational movements. The Foundations Course consists of six different classes (3 times per week for 2 weeks). Each class will last an hour and 15 minutes. During the course you will learn proper technique for weight training movements, new gymnastics skills, how to track your progress, how to self-adjust your workout, proper etiquette and where the bathroom is located.

Think of this like playing golf for the first time.  You wouldn’t want to jump into a foursome of guys who have been playing for two years and you don’t even know which club to use.  You may not become an expert golfer in just a few lessons, but you’ll know enough to go out and play.  That’s what the Foundations Course is designed to do…give you the confidence and basic skills to come play.

So here are the details:

  • Classes take place at 7:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and 8am on Saturdays for two weeks.
  • You must attend all six classes.
  • You may attend the first Foundations class for free to get a sense of CrossFit and decide if you would like to continue. The cost to finish the Foundations Course is $200.
  • Class size limit: 15
  • Following completion of the Foundations course, you may come to the regular classes for two weeks, so your Foundations cost actually covers a full month.
  • The next Foundations courses are scheduled for: 
  • Tuesday, Dec. 2.  (sign up here) and Tuesday, Jan. 6 (sign up here).


What if I can’t attend any of the Foundations Classes?
You may also schedule 1-on-1 training with a coach. The cost is $60/hour.  Please allow for five classes (hours), though we may get it done in four. Bring a friend and we will reduce the cost.  Please contact Steve Dolge at

What if I can attend some, but not all, of the Foundations Classes?
We can still schedule 1-on-1 sessions with a coach to make up missed classes.  Make-up classes are $50/session.  Please contact Steve Dolge at

What happens after I graduate?
Congratulations!  You are awesome.  And you are then free to join with a monthly membership or drop-in to any of the scheduled CrossFit classes.

Do I have to attend the classes in order?
Yes, please start on the starting dates.  There is a logical progression to class curriculum.

I have done CrossFit before. Can I drop in to a regular class?
If you are visiting from another CrossFit affiliate or you have CF experience, you are welcome to drop in. Please email Steve at

I am already a member. Do I have to attend the Foundations Course?
No, but you are welcome to if you feel like you need some help with the basics, and if we have enough room. If you have joined only in the last month, you are encouraged to come. If, however, you are already a member and would like to attend a Foundations Class, please email Steve ahead of time. We want to keep the class size small so as to give due attention to the new people. This is not intended to be used as a substitute for the other scheduled CrossFit classes.

Still not sure you’re ready?  Try our Boot Camp class for a while.

Ready to make the commitment to better health and better fitness?

*definitions of “fun” may vary.