Stefanie Wallach – Yoga


As a kid, I spent most of my afternoons in gymnastics and modern dance classes. I was definitely was not sporty and dreaded gym class. But growing up
on a farm in upstate New York meant summers spent running through fields, climbing trees and throwing hay bales, and winters full of skating and skiing.

During my college years in Vermont, I scheduled classes so that I could downhill ski a few times a week. Additionally, I discovered that going for a run helped me focus and remain alert while I studied or prepared for exams. Before I knew it, I had developed a regular running routine that I continue to enjoy to this day.

In 2001, when pregnancy made running difficult for me, I enrolled in prenatal yoga classes. Though I loved how it made me feel strong and calm, I discontinued my practice as soon as I was able to return to running.

In 2008, I joined a gym and began working with a personal trainer. A friend suggested I also try yoga to compliment my strength training and running. This led to a years long journey through Bikram, Power Vinyasa, and Prana Flow styles of yoga. I was hooked on the balance between strength and flexibility that yoga provided to both mind and body.

While enrolled in a 200 hour Vinyasa Teaching Training in 2011, I found myself in an Ashtanga yoga class. I have been a student of the vinyasa system of Ashtanga ever since.

When not on my mat or running in the park, I’m making adventure travel plans with my husband and two kids. Whatever I’m doing, I’m always a student.

Oh, and I still throw a thousand bales of hay every summer.