Michelle Dolge

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer / Owner

What do you like about CrossFit? – or – How did you get hooked on CrossFit?
It’s Steve’s fault. He got certified in CrossFit Endurance first, and came home from the weekend course, popped open a bottle of wine, sat me down… and told me our future. He was hooked. We became garage CrossFitters. Steve bought some bars and weights off Craigslist; he’d show me how to do some gymnastics, taught me some basic lifting moves… and put chalk measurements on our street. Next thing I knew, I was WODing in our driveway. I hadn’t walked into another CrossFit box until the day we opened Second Wind CrossFit. During the course of designing and building the box, I became obsessed with the methodology and the community. I’d read the CrossFit Journal on my iPad in the dark into the wee hours of the night while Steve slept beside me. I was a devotee before I did a single WOD.

What I LOVE about CrossFit is it’s scalability. It’s no secret that I’m one of the oldest and slowest athletes at Second Wind. But I love having a set goal that I know I can do – no matter what – to the best of MY ability. CrossFit really is for everyone. Even old ladies like me. I feel stronger and healthier than I have in years.

Favorite kind of workout?
I love the lifting portion of our workouts. Everyone pairs up and watches each other. We help correct form. We give advice on how to get stronger. We cheer each other on. I love deadlifts.

What’s your athletic background?
I was never a competitive athlete, but always a lover of sport.
My 20s were spent doing aerobics, my 30s were spent as a gym rat, and my 40s were spent running. I turned 50 the month after we opened Second Wind, and I intend to spend the next 50 years CrossFitting!

What do you do in your OTHER life (professionally and/or personally)?
As co-owner of Second Wind CrossFit, I manage the community and business side of the gym. I am intrigued by the nutrition-side of fitness, and so I like to mentor our athletes in the Paleo lifestyle. I’m also the Asst. Program Director of All News 99.1 FM WNEW. My entire professional career was spent in the news radio business, mostly as an editor, writer and News Director here in Washington, DC.

Steve and I live here in DC with our two way-cool kids, who’ll you’ll find WODing right along side us!