Liz Rihani

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

When I walked into Second Wind in September 2012, I was in the worst shape of my life. I had always been athletic – track and basketball in high school, running and the requisite Total Body Sculpt and step classes in my 20s and 30s – but the happy work of being mom to two daughters paired with three years back at a paying job had gotten the best of me. I wanted to feel like myself again, and that meant making time for exercise.

I knew Second Wind was the answer the minute I walked in the door. Steve and Michelle had created such a welcoming environment that even what little I knew about CrossFit didn’t seem so terrifying anymore. After just a few humbling workouts, I was hooked. In any given hour of class, I could discover new strengths AND areas for attention, alongside a bunch of pretty amazing people. For me, it was nothing short of life changing. I’ve never been stronger, fitter or happier – and I’m not done yet!

What’s Your Favorite Lift or Workout?

Give me a barbell with some plates on it and let me pick it up a bunch of different ways, and I’m the happiest girl in the room. And I don’t hate wall balls.

Why Coaching?

I honestly get more excited about other people’s accomplishments than I do my own. It makes my day to be at the gym when someone hits a PR on a lift or gets their first double under or muscle up. I love knowing each person’s goat and how hard they’re working to get better at it. I never get tired of seeing new athletes come through Foundations or Barbell Bettys and have those “Holy $#!*, I totally just did that!” moments. It’s the best.

What do you do when you’re not CrossFitting?

I’m lucky enough to have three jobs I love: mom, CrossFit coach, and DC Public Schools early intervention manager for Early Stages’ amazing Child Find outreach team. Someone pinch me!


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