Leslie Haddock

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

During my time in the military I was invited to participate in several workouts and was told I would enjoy Crossfit. Skeptical, I would acquiesce to the invitations here and there, always enjoying the workout but never committing to more.

In 2011, I was selected to be a part of an all- women’s group, known as a Cultural Support Team, to deploy with Special Forces Units. This group of women has been the most impressive and inspiring group of individuals with whom I’ve served and trained beside. One woman in particular was Ashley White, the first women to have a hero WOD named in her honor. These women were more committed to being stronger, faster, and better than anyone else in the room; of course, they spent their lunches doing Crossfit. Thus I joined in their lunchtime ritual and haven’t looked back.

Crossfit has fundamentally changed the way I approach fitness. I still enjoy focusing on strength but the adaptability and camaraderie built in the gym allows for a competitive and fun environment. I love how a WOD can be 10 push-ups with 3 people at different levels and the work will be equally challenging for each individual, everyone suffering together. I love helping athletes reach their fitness goals but more importantly I love helping people succeed past their own expectations.

Outside of Crossfit I am training a service dog, Groot. He’s an adorable Australian Shepherd. Professionally, I am currently attending graduate school at Catholic University of America as a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student focused on suicide and PTSD. I am a huge advocate for mental health and one of the best things anyone can do for their mental health is exercise.