Gayle Moseley

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

“I love this CrossFit stuff!

I’ve never been an athlete.  I did some gymnastics in middle school, danced in high school and college, but was never into traditional sports.  I lasted half a season on the high school track team.   As an adult, my office softball team was so desperate for a fifth female to quality as a team, they recruited me even after learning they would have to teach me how to throw, catch and hit a ball.  Standing in right field, I’d pray the ball wasn’t hit to me.  if it was, the other outfielders would sprint in my direction to make the play!

I enjoyed step and body sculpting classes, and watching CNN while pedaling to nowhere on the ellipticals in the 90s, but I never saw any results from my “hard work.”  Two sweet baby girls were born, and I was happy to cancel my gym membership and use motherhood as my daily workout.  I even got the ubiquitous jog stroller with good intentions.

Our daughters are now 7 and 10, and a couple of years ago I thought some exercise would do me good.  At the time, Steve was running a boot camp program in the early morning hours outside the kids’ school.  It was convenient and several of my friends did it as well.  I stuck with it as I felt good and even noticed some results (imagine that).  When Steve announced he was opening a gym, I’m sure we all assumed it would be the same routine, just indoors.  But by the time we realized what CrossFit was, we were already CrossFitters!

What do I love about CrossFit?  I love the variety.  I love that anyone can do it at their own intensity and get results.  I love how we all have different strengths and challenges, yet muscle through the same WOD and encourage each other to finish strong!  I love that each WOD is a step towards bettering myself, both physically and mentally.  I love lifting barbells over my head!  I have muscles!

My husband Scott and I have been together almost 25 years.  I’m active in our daughters’ school and I co-own a small business making ceramic keepsakes of children’s handprints.  I’m excited to begin coaching at Second Wind to help teach, motivate and encourage others to reach their fitness goals.   CrossFit helps us keep our bodies healthy and strong, and I truly believe it’s beneficial to our well-being in so many other ways.  Those of you who have been doing it for awhile now, you know what I mean.  Those of you who have just started, you’ll have to stick around and experience it yourself!”


  • CrossFit Level 2
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