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Strength training for women,
coached by women

Strength & Conditioning for teens

Strength & Conditioning
for ages 50-80

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What is CrossFit?


Second Wind Crossfit is an intimate neighborhood gym in the 16th St. Heights/Petworth neighborhood of Washington DC.  We offer group classes for all fitness levels.  Our goal is to teach you to move athletically not just in your workouts, but in your life.

From Our Athletes:

  • "Morgan is fun and enthusiastic, supportive but relentless; she'll push you toward your goals but in the sweetest way. She's smart, knowledgeable, and careful - and is always pushing herself to learn more. If I don't pick up on a new move, she'll go home and research how to teach it better; if I complain about an ache or pain, she''ll modify the work-out in a heartbeat. I don't just enjoy training with her (which I do, very much): I trust her to keep me safe while making me strong!"
    ~ Jen Kaplan
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